How Long Is An ESTA Valid For US Travel?

If you plan on returning to the US and/or you are a frequent traveler, you might be wondering how long is an ESTA valid for. In short, an ESTA lasts 2 years, and then you have to reapply. That’s a good period of time, however, and the application process is quick and painless.

There is one exception in regards to how long your ESTA will last you. If your passport happens to expire within that 2 year period, then you are going to need to reapply. Otherwise, your ESTA will stay valid for that entire two year period.

Have you looked at the ESTA website yet? After looking into the visa process, some people are leery about ESTA and the visa waiver program, thinking it will be a complicated matter. It’s not, however, and the process is going to be over in a matter of minutes.

You will see how easy the application is to fill out, and you will be getting a confirmation email soon after you press submit. Then you will get your approval soon enough, and you will be on your way to the United States of America. You’re going to have a lovely trip.

What part of the US are you visiting? Perhaps you plan to make your rounds, seeing as much as possible during your stay. There is so much to see and do while here, and you’re certainly going to want to come back. Plan on coming back within that two year period to enjoy another vacation.

And if you don’t make it back before then, you know now that reapplying for ESTA is going to be simple enough. You’re going to have an easy time getting your approval, as long as you meet the criteria for eligiblity. Submit your application today so that you can get that approval ready to go.