Go Eco-Friendly With Organic Cotton And Hemp Skirts

Only in recent years have we started to pay attention to the state of our earth. The products we produce ranging from clothing to food stuffs have done nothing but make our lives unhealthier and our planet sicker. One way that you can give back to our environment and reduce our carbon footprint is by choosing organic cotton and hemp skirts clothing items. Not only will our planet thank you for your contribution, but you will experience a number of benefits as well:

Fewer allergies. Organic cotton is cotton that has been grown adhering to agricultural standards that prevent the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Not only is the cotton healthier for you to wear, but less likely to cause severe allergies. Hemp clothing is also known for being eco-friendly and does contain anti-microbial agents that promote optimal health.

Softer against skin. Organic cotton and hemp skirts are considered to be the most comfortable types of clothing available on the market today. Cotton that’s organic as well as hemp are both soft against the skin and less textured. For this reason, many parents prefer organic cotton clothing for their babies.

Higher quality. Those that choose to invest in hemp or organic cotton will find that both products are manufactured and sourced from high quality sources. Not only does that mean you get more wear out of your clothing, but it also ensures your clothing is easier to care for. Hemp, for example, should never be dry cleaned and looks as good as new after the umpteenth wash.

Put people to work. Responsibly sourced cotton and hemp also put thousands of people to work each year. Not only does your contribution of a purchase help the local economy, but it gives jobs to people that need it. Best of all is that organic products ensure a safe working environment for all the people involved in sourcing it.

Breathable quality. If you live in a hot and humid climate, it’s important to wear fabrics that allow for optimal breathability. Organic cotton and hemp are both known for being lightweight breathable fabrics that actually help wick sweat away from your body. Not to mention, they’re good at absorbing water, therefore, they can make the heat bearable.

If you haven’t made the switch to organic clothing, you may wish to do so in the near future. Spending the extra money helps our environment and puts the local economy back on track!